Dual Line Lubrication System

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Dual Line Lubrication System

When there are number of points in a machine which require to be lubricated the options are to have a automatic grease lubrication system and dual line lubrication system which may be a

  • Radial pump
  • Pump with Progressive Type system
  • Pump with Dual line System
  • Mist lubrication /Spray system

Single point lubricator Dual line systems are used for plants and equipment generally where the points between each other is large. This system makes it possible for parallel installation. The Difference between this system and progressive type apart from this being a parallel line installation is that it requires change over valves to change the flow of lubricant from one line to other. However, individual flows can be adjusted for each point in this system.

The selection of the system will depend on many factors such as:

  • Lubricant to be used
  • The size of the machine/equipment to be lubricated
  • Distances between each point to be lubricated
  • Accessibility of the points to be lubricated
  • The quantity of lubricant required for each point

For any suggestions regarding lubrication equipment please write to us with the above mentioned details for us to suggest the best possible systems

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