Dual Line Metering Devices

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Dual Line Metering Devices

Lubrication systems consists of Pump, Metering Devices, Fittings, Piping and it’s accessories. Metering device is a instrument where in the lubricant is distributed as regards to flow as per the requirement, without this device lubricant will flow in an haphazard manner, and lubrication to the desired points cannot be achieved, these devices make lubrication easier, and controls the flow, ensuring proper lubrication to all point of a machine. Depending on number of factors the type of metering device is decided.

The progressive distributor:

This is the lone metering device which does not require special pumps to operate it, a simple grease gun can also operate the distributor block, which makes it the most adaptable and economical system available. This device can be used for both oil as well as grease distribution with ease. It’s self monitoring feature make it easier to locate when the system does not work, thereby making maintenance easier.

The Dual Line Distributor:

This distributor system works with a special pump which has two line wherein, when one line starts, pressure is developed and changed to other line manually or automatically by use of our specially designed change over valve, once the preset pressure is achieved, this automatic feature has made the system popular with machines which has lubrication points far away from each other. The common examples are conveyors, overhead cranes, steel industries etc.


These are used to lubricated oil and grease where piping can be done in line and hence simple, the injectors for grease and oil are different .The injectors for oil are low pressure and that of grease are high pressure. We have developed oil injectors which have a indication and flow control and also separate injectors for grease have been developed. Special devices as per requirement is developed to fulfill all customer needs.

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