Grease Lubrication System

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Grease Lubrication System

Manufacture grease lubrication system, to supply lubricant (oil or grease)in even metered quantity, irrespective of pipelines and back- pressure to all points in a machine or plant through a single point, of a distributor block, situated at a convenient assessable position driven by means of a simple grease gun, or their special high pressure lubrication pump or any hydraulic line of pump.

Grease Systems include:.

  • Progressive type distribution systems
  • Dual line systems
  • Single line injector systems (With their respective pumps and Distribution systems.)
  • Single point Grease Feeders

Examples of common application are Presses, Textile machinery, including looms, stenters, Texturing M/c, blow room, spinning, carding, etc. Plastic Processing machinery, Earth moving equipment, Over head cranes, Packing machinery, filling machinery for the beverage industry, printing machinery, CNC machinery, and many other machinery where more than one point have to be lubricated.

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