Hand Held Search Light. Model No.- SPEW-006

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Hand Held Search Light. Model No.- SPEW-006


  • Detects Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals
  • Bar Graph to judge the Volume of carrying Metal through Detector
  • Self  balancing at any Temperature
  • WALK/STOP Indicator
  • Instant recovery on detection
  • User sensitivity levels up to 0-9
  • Highly reliable. (Very high MTBF).
  • In-built IR sensors (Infrared sensors)
  • Wooden platform attachment for stability
  • 2.5 INCH diameter PVC pipe Structure
  • Foldable unit & easy to carry
  • Control Unit Installed in High Density Plastic Suitcase

Technical Specification:

  • Passage Clearance: 27”x 24”x 75”  (W x D x H)
  • Sensitivity: Small – Big Metal Objects
  • Supply: 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 2 Amp
  • Weight = 30 Kg (Approx)

Areas Of Application:

Banks, Theatres, Stadiums, Embassies, Malls,

Govt. Bldg; Airports, Docks, Power plants,

Refineries, Exhibitions and Events, Hotels & Auditoriums.


In suit-case total new Control panel Board and elbow bend in thick size, Bottom stand for pipe, New Rexene Bag for D.F.M.D.

For all DFMD.

Additional Specification

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