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Ink Jet Printer IJP – PrinCube



World's Smallest Handheld Color Ink Jet Printer Model IJP – PrinCube (14.3 mm), which is a Zero Maintenance, 600-1200 dpi high resolution, Battery Powered SEVEN line (character height 1.2 to 14.3 mm) Printer & can be used on Porous / Non-Porous products to print B.No., Exp.Date, Time, Serial No. (AGMARK), Logos, Scannable variable Bar Codes, etc. on labels, cartons, pouches, drums, containers, etc. It is fully programmable through its Android / IOS app through Bluetooth or WiFi connection and is also capable of printing Multi-Segment / Grouped messages.

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Coder Model

Ink Jet Printer IJP – PrinCube

Input Communication

Bluetooth / WiFi

Printable Images

Alphanumeric, Logo, Date/Time, Counter, Barcode, etc. DATAMATRIX, QR, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, ENA128, PDF417, user added.

Printing Direction

Adjustable at any angle within 360 degree

Printing Size

14.3 mm, 1 to 7 line printing at 600-1200 dpi

Prints Using

Hewlett-Packard (hp) TIJ 2.5 Print-head for spraying ink

Print Distance

Max. 5 mm from substrate down or in front.

Inking Medium

18 cc Tri-color ink in Cartridge form with head.

Printing Medium

Water based inks (Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.)

Ink Drying Time

Min. 5 seconds on plastics & laminates.


Appx. 10 Lakh d/m characters of 2 mm per cartridge of ink.

Operating Range

0ºC ~ 45ºC, 40% - 60% RH, non-condensing.

Supply Voltage

90 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 5 W

Battery Voltage

7.4V lithium battery, 10 hours use / 20 hours standby


H90 x W68 x D78 mm


200g with cartridge & battery.


The system is inclusive of below mentioned accessories worth Rs. 10,000/- free of cost:

a.  Hard Carry Case with molded slots for printer & accessories.

b.  1 No. 1500 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, Computer Software.

c.  1 Nos. disposable Tri-Color ink cartridge, Cartridge cleaning Wipe.

d.  Operator Tool Kit, Operation & Maintenance Manual, Instruction Video.

This printer is fully Electronic without CORE system & does not have any air pump, viscosity control unit, filters, etc. & so there is no maintenance required (No AMC). It does not require separate make up or wash solution as everything is included in the disposable ink cartridges making it very user friendly for the Operator. The running / Printing cost is only about 7 Paise per impression (25 char).



IJP – PrinCube Ink Jet Printer

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Advantage of our Ink-Jet Printer

No Core / Reservoir to be changed.

Core / Reservoir to be replaced. Rs. 1,25,000/- ea.

Hidden cost of Core Systems avoided.

Fully Electronic. No mechanical parts.

Air Pump, Viscosity Control Unit, etc. Rs. 80,000/- ea.

Mechanical parts get worn out & fail in time.

No Filters for Ink.

Filter has to be changed regularly. Rs. 25,000/- ea.

Very high replacement filter cost saved.

Zero maintenance cost.

Very High Maintenance Cost. AMC Rs. 35,000/-

Huge Cost saving every Year.

Push Fit pre-mix disposable Ink Cartridge.

Separate Ink, Make-Up & Solvent Bottles.

Ease of use for the Operator.

Simple Ethanol based Inks.

Methanol (M.E.K.) based Inks.

MEK is highly toxic for humans.

300 dpi High Resolution Printing.

Very low resolution 60 dpi dot-dot type printing.

Logos & Barcodes can be printed perfectly.

90 Million+ characters per liter of Ink.

45 Million Characters per liter of Ink + Makeup.

Very Low Running Cost of Printer.

Additional Specification

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