Nisarg Organic Shatavari Root Powder 1kg

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Nisarg Organic Shatavari Root Powder 1kg

Nisarg Organic Shatavari Root Powder is sourced from NOP-certified farms in India. It is Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Vegan; Gluten, Soy, Wheat, and Corn-free.

🍀FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE AND REJUVENATIVE TONIC, SUPPORTS IMMUNITY, AND PROMOTES VITALITY*: Shatavari root helps the body in balancing the female reproductive hormones and supports the graceful transition of the natural phases of women's life including menstrual cycles, pregnancies, lactation, and menopause. Shatavari strengthens the immune system, supports digestion, and reduces excess acidity in the stomach(heartburn) and irritability in the gut.

🍀NATURAL, PURE & MIXES EASILY: It is 100% Natural and Pure. Our Shatavari Root powder is of beige color, Bitter-sweet in taste and unctuous (oily) in nature, finely powdered, evenly textured, and fresh. For internal consumption, take 2 gm of Shatavari Root Powder with warm water, milk, or Ghee.

🍀 SUGGESTED USE: Nisarg Organic Shatavari Root Powder is traditionally taken mixed with a glass of warm milk, ghee, and sugar or honey. However, it can be mixed into a wide range of dishes, drinks, and teas. The recommended serving size is 2 grams (1/2 tsp) and recommended dose is 2-4 gms/day. Take it after the meal or breakfast.

🍀CONVENIENCE, SATISFACTION: Available in 100g, 200g, 500g, and 1kg size value packs with a RESEALABLE pouch to maintain freshness and your convenience. if you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your order in full.

     Which method does Nisarg Organic Farm make powder?

Nisarg Organic Farm Organic method of growing medicine and drying it in a solar dryer and it is traditionally prepared. So the powder is made by the traditional method. Nutritious elements like vitamins and minerals are contained in the powder. This process is used to give the best medicine to the customer.

     Why should use be the traditional Indian hand crushing method?
When any medicine is ground it becomes hotter. While in the traditional Indian hand process the powder does not heat up, it contains a sufficient amount of important sensitive elements like minerals, vitamins, minerals, etc. That is why we should always take powders made from the traditional processes for our benefit.

     Why Nisarg Organic Farm?
Our goal is to provide resources to empower your body, mind, and spirit. We support our mission by providing products that are 100% pure, organic, without any additives, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly. You will get high-quality products with exceptional customer support and reasonable price.

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