Pedestrian Crossing Sign Board (Approx. Rs 2,000 / Piece)

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Pedestrian Crossing Sign Board (Approx. Rs 2,000 / Piece)

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Country of Origin Made in India
Body Material Stainless Steel
Shape Triangular
Usage/Application Road Safety


Road safety sign boards are primarily of three types.

  • Mandatory signs: These types of road signs come in different shapes like circular, triangular, etc. They are used to make free movement of traffic. Examples of these signs include:
    • Horn Prohibited,
    • Pedestrian Prohibited,
    • Speed Limit,
    • Narrow Bridge,
    • No Parking, etc.
  • Cautionary road signs: These signs generally come in a triangular shape. They are used to warn people about hazardous conditions or construction work. Examples of these signs include the following:
    • Men At Work,
    • School Ahead,
    • Falling Rocks,
    • Pedestrian Crossing,
    • Left Reverse bend,
    • Right Reverse Bend, etc.
  • Informatory signs: These types of road safety sign boards provide necessary information to users like destinations, distance, public toilets, etc. Examples of these signs boards include the following:
    • Public Telephone,
    • Petrol Pump,
    • Hospital,
    • First Aid Post,
    • Resting Place, etc.
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