Primary And Secondary Distributor Blocks

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Primary And Secondary Distributor Blocks

Systematrix Engg Services manufactures LUBRISYS Progressive Distributor Blocks which are modular in design. The centralized lubrication by a  Modular LUBRISYN Progressive Distributor System will require a LUBRISYN Modular Progressive Distributor block and a LUBRISYN Manual Pump/Pneumatic Pump/Hydraulic Pump or Electric Pump (single phase or three phase). These blocks divide the lubricant in equal or in required quantity to all lubrication points of a machine or equipment irrespective of their relative distance or back pressure. Hence, these blocks are also called LUBRISYN Progressive Divider Valve System.

For an automatic system, LUBRISYN electronic controller and solenoid valves will be required. By using a LUBRISYN Grease Gun to operate the system, the user will find the most simple and economical lubrication system available. The advantage of using a modular LUBRISYNProgressive Distributor is that different flows are possible in a single divider valve. Systematrix Engg Services manufactures a range ofLUBRISYN  Progressive Distributor Blocks to be used as Primary as well as Secondary Distributor Blocks A LUBRISYN  Progressive Distributor is available in a range outlets from 2 – 28 outlets, and if many lubrication points are to be lubricated then a Primary Distributor Block and Secondary Distributor Block are desirable.

When the points to be lubricated are lesser, a Single distributor Block (also called Divider Valves) can be used.  However, when the points to be lubricated are many or the points are far away from each other, then both the Primary and Secondary LUBRISYN  Distributor Blocks/Divider Valves are used.  The Primary LUBRISYN  Distributor  block/Divider Valve  receives the lubricant from the pump and distributes it equally into the inlet of the Secondary Distributor block/divider Valve, which in turn distributes the received lubricant (Grease or Oil) equally into the lubricating points, thereby making optimum use of lubricant.

Generally, the Primary has a bigger flow say 0.6 cc/stroke and the secondary LUBRISYN progressive block has a relatively smaller flow say 0.2cc/stroke.  The design of the lubrication system is done considering the flow of the Primary and Secondary Progressive Distributor Block/Divider Valves. One of the main advantage of  LUBRISYN Centralised Lubrication System is that it makes proper use of lubricant and hence it saves precious petroleum products.

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