Progressive Distributor System

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Progressive Distributor System

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Capacityas per order
Phasesingle three or dc
Voltageas per order
Automation GradeAutomatic
MaterialMild steel
ColorZinc plated white
Pressure250 bar
Meter Typestandard
No Of Pump Element2 to 24
Powersingle three phase dc
Usage/Applicationmanual,semi automatic,automatic for all machinery where ever lubrication is required.

Systematrix Engg. Services manufactures indigenous LUBRISYS Progressive Distributor blocks for distributing oil or grease.

The LUBRISYS Progressive Distributor blocks (also known as Divider Valves) are used for distributing oil or grease in even, metered quantity, to all lubrication points in a machine or plant, These Progressive Distributor blocks gets the lubricant feed from a pump (manual/ pneumatic/ motorised) or a simple grease gun and distributes it to the hard- to-reach, far away points, irrespective of the back pressure and piping length.

Each block has internal plungers which operate sequentially due to pressure of feed lubricant and deliver it to the corresponding outlets. The LUBRISYS Progressive Distributor blocks are self monitoring. An indicating pin makes it possible to identify when the block is in operation without removal of piping. This pin can be coupled with proximity /limit switch for achieving different functions like monitoring the system through an Electronic Controller, counting of strokes, etc.

The LUBRISYS Progressive Distributor blocks can be arranged in series as Primary and Secondary Divider Valves depending on the location and number of lubricating points. The distributor blocks are available with outlets from 2 to 28 per block. Vast range of Metering Units makes it possible to design and install the lubrication system according to the customer’s requirement.

Apart from the advantages of the LUBRISYS Centralised Lubrication System additional benefits of using the LUBRISYS Progressive System are :

  • Economical : It does not require special pumps to operate the block, a simple grease gun can also be used.
  • Self Monitoring : If any point does not receive grease/oil due to any problem, the system will stall and a feedback through the indicator pin is provided as the indicator pin will not move.
  • Compact : It is a very compact unit hence a small machine can easily accommodate the block.

Typical application of the LUBRISYSProgressive Distributor blocks are Textile Machines, Steel Plant Machines, Over head Cranes, Sugar Industry, Hydraulic presses, bottling plants and any other special Purpose Machines.

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