Pure & Grace Anti-Hair fall Kit (Castor Oil and Protein & Anti-Hair fall Shampoo) (Code: C1361641)

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Pure & Grace Anti-Hair fall Kit (Castor Oil and Protein & Anti-Hair fall Shampoo) (Code: C1361641)


Product Content: Castor Oil and Protein & Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Weight: 100 ml Each Bottle Brand: Pure & Grace Product Description: Castor Oil Pure & Grace Castor Oil is 100% pure. It is extracted from the high-quality castor seeds and is free from any chemical treatment. This naturally made castor oil is suitable for all skin types. There are no harmful toxins or chemicals added to the oil, it is free of any additives. The oil deeply moisturizes and conditions your hair, skin, scalp, lips, and even your nails. Regular use of castor oil makes the cuticles healthy and promotes hair growth. It also fights skin infections like ringworm and helps getting rid of dandruff. Key Benefits * Healthy for hair, skin, and nails. * Promotes hair growth. * Prevents aging, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and keeps your skin smooth and soft. * Fights skin infection such as ringworm and prevents dandruff. How To Use * Hair: Take oil on the tip of your fingers and gently rub it on the scalp allowing it to penetrate the roots. * Skin: Apply 3-4 drops of oil on clean skin and let it penetrate in your skin leaving it healthy and nourished. Protein & Anti-Hairfall Shampoo This Pure & Grace Protein and Anti-Hairfall Shampoo is what you need to get rid of your hair problems! It gently cleanses your hair and encourages fresh growth and lends a shine to your hair. The key ingredients of this magical shampoo are - Amla Extract, Neem Extract, Bhringraj Extract, Brahmi Extract, Reetha Extract, Shikakai Extract, and Gudhal Extract. This protein-rich shampoo prevents hair loss and premature greying. It even inhibits dandruff and helps keep hair shining with health. Key Benefits * Controls dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth. * Prevents hair loss and premature graying. * Keeps hair shining with health. How to use * Wet your hair and gently massage with the shampoo with your fingertips. * Rinse with water and dry your hair.

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