Re Circulating Oil System

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Re Circulating Oil System

Systematrix Engg Services manufactures LUBRISYS Recirculating oil Systems for most requirements. These are used in machinery wherein, the oil used by the parts is collected and re circulated using a pump. The common type of application are the enclosed gear boxes, however, for gears which are not enclosed spraying of oil is desired. There are types of systems which require many parts to be lubricated continuously, here use of LUBRISYS progressive distributors are used to ensure that all parts of the machine get the lubricant in equal amount.

This system replaces splash lubrication as it is more reliable process.

Re Circulation Oil System:

  • Used in machinery where the oil is used by the parts
  • Oil is collected and re circulated using a pump
  • Mostly suitable for enclosed gear boxes
  • Progressive distributors are used to lubricate all parts of the machine on a continuous basis

Single Shot Lubrication System:

  • Suitable for injecting small doses of oil to various parts of the machine
  • System provides regular lubrication in small quantities and with better frequency
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