Semi Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine - ₹ 350000 (Excluding GST & Shipping)

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Semi Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine - ₹ 350000 (Excluding GST & Shipping)


Ampee Packaging Equipment is a principal Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of an inclusive plethora of Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine, Semi Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine, Pet bottle blowing machine, Pet Blow Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine, Neck and Label Sleeving Tunnel, L Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine, Seal and Shrink Chamber Machine.


Machine Features

  • The machine is equipped with built-in micro processor.
  • The machine is also equipped with reputed pneumatic cylinders and valves.
  • The stretching unit applies sliding guide, with the stretching lenght adjustable according to the height of bottle die.
  • A pressure reduction adjusting valve controls the speed of stretching and of the die opening and closing.
  • Excessive compresses air is exhauseted through silencer.
  • Two method a manual and automatic operation are convenient for maintenance, testing and production.
  • Using high quality improved parts to lengthen machin's service life.

Semi Automatic PET Stretch Machine

Semi Automatic PET Stretch Machine

Max. Product Capacity ml 2000 5000
Min. Product Capacity ml 60 100
Max. Neck Diameter ml 30 120
Max. Product Height mm 340 340
Production Capacity Piece/Hr 700 to 900 250 to 450
Max. Blow Height mm 350 350
Cavity Nos. 2 1 or 2
Working Pressure Bar(kg.) 8 8
Blowing Pressure Bar(kg.) 20 to 25 15 to 20
Heater Power Connected KW 12 14
Clamping Strock mm 140/150 240/250
Mold Platen Size mm 440x340x35 440x340x35
Tie Bar Distance mm 330 330
Max Mold Thickness mm 140 225
Min. Mold Thickness mm 50 140
Clamping Force Ton 8 15
Cavity Center Distance mm 150 -


AMPEEPET a manual two-stage re-heat hi-directional pet stretch blow moulding machine is the latest developed product from our factory. It is product Pet hi-oriented containers in two stages; having the advantages of being compact in size with low power consumption, low investment cost of sample structure and convenient to maintain. The machine can blow various geometric plastic containers that can be used in packing for goods.


Mineral and Distilled Water, Carbonated Drink, Food and Candy, Sauce and Juice, Edible Oil, Detergent, Pharmacy, Cosmetric, Liquor.


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