Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer

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Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer

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Input Voltage295 to 470
Output Voltage415

The ARZOO range of Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer are universally recognized as the finest range of servo-controlled voltage stabilizers. The units couple exceptional performance with unequalled build quality to provide an unmatched combination of reliability and versatility. The units are designed to correct power quality problems like brownouts, surges, over-voltage, sags, voltage imbalance, unbalanced current, line noise etc. in the main power supply. Our Servo Control features voltage regulation, isolation, filtering, harmonic cancellation, transient suppression, surge protection, or any combination of these in a one-box solution. Besides that, our patent voltage regulating transformer enabling us to make unique small dimension Servo Control especially for individual regulation.
• Available from -1 KVA to 1500 Kva.
• Correction Rate better than 60 V/sec.
• Cooling : Natural Air/Oil.
• Ambient Temperature 0 to 500 C.
• Selection Auto/Manual.
• Under / Over Voltage protection.
• Overload & short - circuit protection.
• More than 95% efficiency.
• Timer Control.
• Built in EMI/RFI Filter.

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