SMPS Battery Charger

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SMPS Battery Charger

Product Details:

AC Input VoltageAC 110V or AC220V
AC Input Frequency45Hz65Hz
Max AC Input current14A at 110V, 7A at 220V
DC Output VoltageSee the Type Table
Maximum Efficiency88%
Environmental EnclosureIP32
Safety-North AmericaUL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition
Shock & VibrationSAEJ1378
Operating Temperature20-50(-22-122)

SMPS based battery charger is a device that helps you achieve all that, and ensures appliance safety as well. RS Power's SMPS Battery charger serves the purpose of putting energy into secondary cells or rechargeable batteriesefficiently.

Specifications :

  • AC Input Voltage: AC110V±10% 
  • or AC220V±15% 
  • AC Input Frequency: 45Hz65Hz 
  • Max AC Input current: 14A@110V, 7A@220V 
  • DC Output Voltage: See the Type Table 
  • DC Output current: See the Type Table 
  • Maximum Efficiency: ≥88% 
  • Environmental Enclosure: IP32 
  • Immunity-Europe: EN61200-4-2/3/5/6/11 
  • Safety-North America: UL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition 
  • Shock & Vibration: SAEJ1378 
  • Operating Temperature: -20-50(-22-122) 
  • Operation Indication 
  • Stand By: Power LED is on 
  • Self-checking: Battery is connected, all green LEDs are flashing 15 times, and the fan is running rapidly. 
  • golf cart charger: Run LED is on, and the other four little LEDs indicate the volume of the battery step by step. 
  • 100% Charge Indicator: All LEDs except the ‘RUN’ LED are on. The charger stops charging and the fan stops.
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