Stand Alone Water Purifier

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Stand Alone Water Purifier

Watsan natural water Purifiers are built using state-of the art nano-technology filter medium derived out of natural siliceous and earthern ingredients and is licensed by IMMT (CSIR – Council of Science and Industrial Research) Institute  with the trademark name Terafil (TM, C) and is approved by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) India.

The containers into which the filter medium is fitted are made up of 100 % recyclable,  food grade plastics which come from the premier institute of Plastics of Government of India, the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology) CIPET . Under the tripatriate agreement of these three Institutions Watsan has created the world’s first ever efficient

  • Affordable
  • Runs without Electricity
  • Needs minimal Maintenance
  • Needs no replacement of any cartridges and membranes
  • Rinse, clean the filter candles, no other maintenance necessary, life long performance!
  • Comes with the guarantee and Warantee with Government approved technology and license.
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